Repent Harlequin! Part II

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 Another Pack of Harlequins done as well.  This time it is the leader models as well as another Troupe.  My focus here has been on working on my pattern techniques.  I think I have progressed from spastic 1st grader with finger paints to mopey teen with anxiety issues.
 The big difference with this group was the decision to focus on getting some diamond patterns down.  I tried to do some three color patterns to see how they would work out.
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 I tried some freehand symbols as well, but they did not turn out nearly as well.  Ah well, only five more models to go and the hair band of the future will finally be complete.
Another Troop


  1. Eye catching if perhaps a bit strange. "Mopey teenager with anxiety issues", LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. The main purpose of this project is an exercise in improving my fine motor work. I can see an improvement in getting the sizes uniform as I go.


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