Rehabilitating the Past: Necromunda Edition Part II

The sci-fi train continues.  The current interest in Necromunda in the house convinced me to celan up and restore my only other surviving 'gang' the Ratskin warriors. I was only able to find seven models total, and three of them were actually conversions from the existing range.  I tried to stay with simple earth tones to add to the techno-Native  American feel the sculpts appear to be going attempting.

The first group includes a converted Bounty hunter with some weapon substitutions.  He looks like a particularly tough Brave and I equipped him  with an Autopistol and converted pipe/club.  The other is a Juve model that I used some green stuff to change Gender back in the 90's when I had more models and wanted to add some diversity to my collection, she picked up a new Automatic as well.

The three Braves are unmodified models with a Shotgun, Lasgun and Automatic Rifle respectively.

I have one model left, a heavily converted Clan Escher ganger, but I need to find a replacement for her long missing Sniper Rifle.

Overall, it has been a fun jaunt down memory lane.  That said, I have a lot of historical figs awaiting the final touches, including the first 6mm figs I have actually completed in 2015!


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