More studies in Urban Camouflage.

 Yeah it's more Sci-Fi stuff, sorry.  I added some figures in the speckled Urban Camouflage I tried earlier.  Bringing the heavy infantry group up to four.  (I will need to do one more, probably an Assault Cannon for old times sake)
The Original

After market Cyclone turret with the Original arm

Some claws to spice things up.

And of course old faithful....

I opted to do a section of standard marines in the same pattern, however I decided to go with non-standard weapons.

Back when I started playing WH40k in 1989, I painted up my plastic Beakie marines as "Space Wolves" using  a blue-grey camouflage pattern inspired by a drawing in the original Compendium.  My the time I gave up on the game, Camouflage patterns were unheard of and my chosen Chapter had morphed into a cartoonish parody of Space Vikings plastering wolves and runes on everything.  Now they have a unit that actually rides Giant wolves into battle... sigh.

For these guys I have opted to go back to one of my other early modeling projects:  The Mentor Legion.  First mentioned in White Dwarf, they were basically the equivalent to a R&D test  group with some near tech toys and a back story that has them loaning out groups to work with others to train and learn in the field.  
I bored out the Bolt Gun on the left, I will probably need to extend the barrel to go along with the large scope

Two of these figs were pretty rough when I go them off ebay.  I will need to replace the launch tube for the missile launcher eventually.
 The mini-gun is a kit bash using the magazine from a plastic storm bolter, and the gun from a MWDA armored car.

Lastly I did this unit of scouts.  I stuck with the military theme with these guys, and made my first attempt at doing the OCP/ Multi-cam pattern using my stipling brush on the armor.
 I would really prefer to get some Sniper rifle models for this group as they look like the worst scouts you would want to employ.  Seriously, if a scout is using close combat weapons instead of calling for fire, something has gone seriously wrong.  I guess the warriors of the 41st Millennium forgot the whole Reconnaissance aspect of battle?
As with the other attempts the pattern comes out very subtle.

Probably too much Sci-Fi stuff for a 'serious' historical mini site like mine, but let's be honest  They are the only gaming I am getting to do of late.


  1. While Sci-fi ground combat has no appeal for me at all, I am known to have well over 100 Starfleet Wars space ships, so I certainly won't report you to the Purity Police, LOL!

    Nice work on the figures regardless!


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