Expanding my Swiss contingent

I finally finished the last of my Perry Plastic set.  I opted to do the last four figs as a Crossbow (S) stand to support the Swiss pike regiment.

I really like the detail on the crossbows with this set.  The figures come out with some character, which is good for a skirmish stand.
Not much else brewing for this project, but I have a real eclectic mix waiting to finish basing right now.


  1. Lovely job on the figures and bases!

  2. The Perry figures are very nice and you have done a great paint job on them. Basing is good too!

    1. They are some of the nicest Plastics I have painted so far. Thanks.

  3. Nice work! Is thought of a Great Italian Wars game over the Christmas break the motivation behind these handsome crossbowmen? Well, I hope so!


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