Confederate Infantry on the March

The last of my GHQ Infantry is now complete!  With these I have now painted an example of GHQ's entire collection of 66 packs, less the Iron Brigade, Siege Guns and Siege Limbers (give me time).  These guys comprise two packs of marching confederate infantry:  Marching in Shell Jacket & Forage Cap (CSA) and Marching in Shell Jacket & Slouch Hat (CSA).  I was able to get a total of of seven stands out these packs (including 2 command) which gives either one unit of six stands or a unit of 3 and 4 stands respectively.

I used the same mix of base colors (grey, tan and brown) as my other CSA infantry which makes them stand out on the board quite readily at this stage.

I really need to get some more basic infantry stands done, but for now I have enough to do some small games.  Although, these will probably be solo games for the time being...


  1. Looking good!

    Although I enjoy solo play, we are bound to get schedules aligned at some point in time. Perhaps, Christmas?

  2. Good show getting some infantry done. I bet if you schedule a game you'll have even more incentive to add to them!

    1. it's that scheduling part that seems to get in the way.


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