20mm World War II Collection

Jon's recent foray into 28mm WWII skirmish gaming has me considering painting a few figures myself.  I took advantage of BTD's big Veteran's Day sale to get a platoon worth of US Airborne figs.
However, this left me looking at my old 20mm WWII collection in its state of disrepair.  I am always one, it would appear, for anticipating the next big thing and then getting the wrong scale.  My WWII collection is mostly focused on 6mm and 20mm figs in a world that seems dominated by 15mm and 28mm.

Back in the late 90's I ran across Battleground WWII at was immediately taken with the game system.  I enjoyed the granularity of the  skirmish rules as well as the focus on fire and movement.  Most games of the time focused on hits and wounds.  BG WWII was more about pinning and suppressing while you maneuvered your opponent into an untenable position.  The only real problem for me was the cumbersome vehicle rules, but I rarely used more than a couple per side on this scale.  (Anything larger is where I break out the Spearhead rules  and GHQ minis.)

So all this said, I decided to dig out my old 20mm skirmish forces and survey the damage/collection.

First up the Allied Forces:

I started out focusing on the North Africa campaign, and wanted to make it rather unique.  To that end, I settled on Commonwealth vs. Italians.  First up some Aussie's

Of course, when I saw that SHQ was doing Scots, I figured a few supported squads of Clansmen would be just the ticket.  

Of course there is a bagpiper.  
 My support section is a little worse for wear, and includes some kitbashed medics and AT crew.

Back around 2000 I was really interested in the WWII Airborne campaigns, and went so far as to build a massive 4'x6' blasted Cityscape for representing actions during the Arnhem and Normandy campaigns.  This, of course, required plenty of British Paras, US Rangers and US Airborne.  (Somewhere I still have a 1/72 scale glider model and some artillery bunker models)

The first figs I painted were a squad of US Rangers.  (I'm sure it was inspired by Tom Hanks searching for Matt Damon or something similar)

This is only a few of them, I know I have others painted up for the cliff assault somewhere.

and then there are the US Paratroopers

Most of these models are still labeled for squads and positions, and there are probably a dozen still missing.

Rounding out the Americans I also have some generic Joe's to lend supported where needed

as well as some US Marines from an Orphaned project near the tailend of my interest in the period

Most of my energy, however, went into painting up my British Para's.  I was heavily influenced by "A Bridge Too Far" as a kid (we owned it on laser disc...) as well as reading Ambrose's Pegasus Bridge.  That, and my friends of the time had plenty of the standard issued WWII fare, and noone had done the Paras yet.

The Major with his music in attendance

This is most of the models,  I would keep finding more as I dug through boxes throughout the day.  Still no sign of the Tetrarch though...

Platoon leader and RTO

Some other specialty troops.  I appear to have misplaced the AT gun.

Mortars and Vickers to provide fire support.
 That is almost all of my basic infantry.  Still missing are my "Pink Panther" SAS teams for the desert as well as my late war US Army Armored Cavalry sections for "Fury on the Fatherland"


I am definitely an old school fan of the "Good Guys" and could always rely on someone else to expend their fortunes on the Wehrmacht and SS.  As such, I did ensure that I had a small sample for each time period as well.  My Italians and Japanese figs are still MIA, but most of the German's seem to be mostly complete:

Basic Wehrmacht

Some generic guys in Grey uniforms with selection of rifles, SMGs and a tripod mounted MG42

Some SS Panzer Grenadiers, not sure where the Hanomags went. 

The late war opposition to my US Cavalry troop, some late war Infantry with plenty of toys.

And finally, my other pet project, the Fallschirmjagers

Well just another quick trip down memory lane, as well as chance to inventory some of my old painted figs.  Now to find those pesky Italians!


  1. You are so funny! I tend to be out of phase too or at least late to a party.
    Nothing wrong with that!

    Your 20s would would fine with CoC and you already have gameable forces. I say you are ahead of the curve!

    1. Thanks. Though I still want to know where my Italians got off to....


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