Halloween Prep V - What Lies beneath.

The last of the collection for this year is finally done.  I decided to add some suitably powerful beast for the lowest level of the warriors' journey.  To this end I painted up two old Ex Illis "Suffrance" in a mixture of AP Dragon red and some fiery orange and yellows.  These guys are meant to be powerful beasts to be summoned from the very walls by this year's "Big Bad"

Next up, I managed to finish up enough Greek warriors to make up two teams of 5 models:

Fortunately,  I was able to convince Mason to allow me to add some more Spears.  For the leader models I used some leftover cloaks from the Fireforge Knights sets to make some suitably heroic looking gents:

Finally we have the "Big Bad" himself, the avatar of Hades

This is a Reaper Bones "Balor" model that really is a bargain at $15US.  This is basically the DnD take on the Balrog from Lord of the Rings, with a bunch of skulls added to appeal the GW types.

I painted the model up in pieces and then assembled them ones the detailing was done.  This allowed me to primer different pieces with different undercoats to speed up the painting time.  (Wings and Body in red, horns in AP Skeleton Bone, Whip and mane in yellow, others in Black)  The sword the model came with was kind of wonky looking (and bent far too easily) so I replaced it with a halberd from a kitsch display set my dad picked up for me in Sri Lanka awhile back.

I busted out my old GW Ink and Wash set (c. 1992) and went to town on this guy.  Between those and the dip treatment, I was able to pull a lot of shading with less effort.

I am hoping he will make a suitable culmination to this year's activities.


  1. Nice idea on the use of the cloaks, it makes them much more heroic and leader like. Must do that myself.

    1. it also makes them easier to ID on the fly!


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