Halloween Prep IV -Samurai Skeleton Cavalry

As the holiday approaches, I am finally finishing some other related projects.  These guys were bashed out this summer when I picked up a boat load of old GW stuff.  I had some leftwover skeleton cavalry mounts, so I decided to throw together some Undead Samurai  (I really don't like the Wargames Factory horse models that come with the Samurai Cavalry, so it was not much of a risk.)  I used some spare parts from the Wargames Factory skeleton infantry set to base together some suitable riders

I tried to keep the colors reasonably subdued and decayed looking.  I opted for one each of a Swordsmen, Naginata and Archers.

I think I will need to do another three to have a unit to field in Dragon Rampant, I am thinking I need to break out the green stuff and try my hand on some suitable tack and harness for the mounts as well.


  1. Splendid and impressive, very impressive!

  2. Those are very nice. Good job!

  3. Replies
    1. I hope so, there is always a significant delta between how much dad wants something to be cool, and how it is interpreted as his age progresses

    2. Skeleton warriors are cool at every age!
      I remember when I first read John Carter of Mars as a lad, I thought the skeleton men were quite cool.


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