Halloween Prep - III Chimera

Another Mythical Creature to fight the ancient Greeks.  This time it is the Reaper Bones Chimera.  Another relatively cheap resin fig, that paints up nicely.  I base coated this one in AP Leather Brown to get the majority coverage and then went to work on picking our the big details. 

I also took the opportunity to get some help for the "good guys" in the form of Chiron, this Reaper Centaur.  The spear that came with it was far too flexible, so I took some time to carve out the existing spear and replace it with one of the pikes from the Wargames Factory plastic Ashigaru box.

A few more beasts and Greek warriors to go before the big event.  Only a week to go.


  1. The Chimera looks great... and the Centaur ain't bad either!

    Mason and the Argonauts?

    1. Nice. I am not even going to try and build an Argo this late in the game.


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