Confederate Cavalry to round out the month.

Happy Halloween all!  I figured I would end out the month with some actual historical miniatures.  In this case my completed Confederate Cavalry brigade.  These figures are from two packs of GHQ Charging CSA cavalry.  In addition to the Leader, Bugler, Guidon figures there are two different trooper castings:  One with a raised rifle, the other with a raised pistol.  I decided to split then to make one unit of each.

The paint schemes are set to mirror the three units of dismounts I did, so I can field them as mounted as dismounted.  I opted to add a bugler and guidon bearer from Crackerline minis to one unit for a little diversity.  

Just as with their Union counterparts these are excellent sculpts with sharp detail.  I have been painted some figures from other manufacturers, and have yet to find an equivalent in the crispness of the detail.

While I want to consider my task complete, I must endeavor to at least paint some for CSA infantry as they are woefully undermanned.


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