3rd Quarter Review

October 1st, only three months left in the year.  Time to look at the goals again.

Overall, I am doing fairly well.  I am at 87% of my total painting goal for the year, although my overall goal painting commanders and specialty pieces seems to have suffered somewhat.  The biggest switch appears to be my new found enthusiasm for recreating my ACW collection in 10mm.  I have managed to maintain a little discipline by getting the Commanders, Cavalry and Artillery out before the infantry.  That said, back to a quick update for this year's goals:

1. Paint commanders!
  • Two Saracen Commanders as well as a Mounted Saladin and entourage have been added to the Reconquista/Crusades project.  
  • Jarl Sigvaldi has joined the viking hordes
  • Numerous Union and Confederate commanders are ready to field.
  • Still no forward momentum on French/Allied 6mm Generals and Marshals.

2. Finish existing forces (main bodies)

28mm Renaissance.

No further movement since Q2.  I have some Crossbowmen and Handgunners primed ans waiting for their chance.

6mm Napoleonics

Everything for the Saxons and the Poles is primered, I still the motivation to give them a go.

1/6000 Scale WWII Naval

All of the USN Destroyers are now complete.  I still have about a hundred larger ships, although all the bases are done.....

28mm Arab Infantry

 I finally finished my Eureka Saladin packs and added some skirmishing missile and spear troops.  I just need to finish two more cavalry units and my figure backlog will be done.

28mm Samurai Skirmish (Enough for 2x6pt Saga Forces)

No additional units since Q2.  I have a few units of Samurai Archers primed and waiting.

3. Terrain

Falling behind here again.  I have  a lot of 6mm buildings that need some love.  I am resisting the urge to add some 10mm  fencing for the ACW project until I empty out a few bins of 6mm terrain.

4. New Areas

 I was able to trade away my ECW figs to get a jump start on doing 10mm ACW instead.  This project has seen great gains over the summer and I have almost exhausted my supply of GHQ figs.  Perhaps I can transition over to my other projects for a but of a breather in October...

It is October however, which means that I need to prepare for the annual Halloween game.  I was able to paint most of the old Citadel Undead I picked up, and my Son's interest in Greek Mythology and all things Percy Jackson means an adventure to the underworld may be in order.  


  1. I think that's a track record to be proud of!

    Hercule's Halloween Hunt in Hades...

    1. Nice idea, perhaps Percy's perils in purgatory?

  2. Inspiring to see your catalog of work and projects.

  3. Having 87% of goals met with 75% of 2015 in the books is ahead of schedule by my calculation. Good job!

    We need to add gaming commitments into 2016 Goals and Objectives. Maybe we can get a game in during the fourth quarter?

    As a temptation for your 15mm Samurai project, Brookhurst has the range at 20% discount. I added a few items for myself.

    1. Gaming seems to be my greatest challenge.

    2. Well, when the opportunity arises, you will have many projects "game ready." That is a step ahead of many.


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