10mm Union Cavalry Brigade

Following quickly on the heels of my completed dismounted cavalry units are these mounted regiments.  These two regiments both use GHQ's Charging Union Cavalry.  These come with a mix of pistol and carbine armed troops.  (Although the pistol figures have their carbines hanging at their side.)  They are a bit more dynamic than their standing counterparts.  The only downside to these figs is that the horses have more flash than I have seen on a GHQ miniature.  Cleaning them was somewhat time consuming as the flash is fairly thick, and inaccessible between the  front and rear legs.  This is no worse than many other manufacturers, just not something I was used to seeing on GHQ models.  

The Buglers and Guidon bearers are both from crackerline miniatures from their Plank road cavalry command pack.  They came with the Lightning brigade pack, but fit better with the lighter looking GHQ minis than the heavier crackerline sculpts.


  1. Very well done. Yellow stripes on the pants for a unit or two,. perhaps?

    1. There are actually a number of models in each unit with stripes to represent the odd officer and NCO


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