10mm ACW Horse Holders

My 10mm ACW conversion has not lost out to my other diversions this month.  I took advantage of GHQ's annual sale to get some of the charging cavalry castings, and also picked up 1 package of standing Union cavalry to make some horse holder stands.  

 I did one stand for each dismounted regiment to allow me to deploy them as either four stands of shooters, or three stands of shooters with 1 horse holder.

Dismounted Union Cavalry Brigade
 I opted to do six stands in all, to allow for three units each of USA and CSA dismounted cavalry.

The stand on the right uses a couple of Cracker Line horses instead of GHQ

Not a lot of extra detail here, just looked like a neat picture.  
This completes the dismounted portion of my Cavalry contingents, next up I need to complete their mounted compatriots.


  1. One of the little details often omitted, but especially appropriate for ACW cavalry. They look great!

  2. The GHQ horses are really nice. Your project is shaping up quite well.
    about time for their baptism of fire.


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