Samurai vs Orcs in Nordic Japan

Last weekend my son invited me down to the den to play a game he was setting up.  He was beavering away at creating a new battlefield using a mixture of 28mm and 15mm buildings from the terrain shelf.  He had decided on a defensive scenario with stalwart Samurai defending the peasants from marauding orcs.  He opted to split the units up into four person teams and arrayed his forces.

The young general hard at work.

Village Number I Guarded by fierce Hatamoto, Samurai and Teppo

Village II Defended by more Samurai and Yari equipped Ashigaru

The Orcs mere deployed as a mob behind thick stone walls.  We opted to use Lion Rampant as our rule set as it is relatively straightforward and plays quickly.  I,of course, would be pushing the bad guys.
The Orc hordes mass behind their stone walls

Villagers run and hide as their stalwart defenders prepare to seel themselves dearly
The game for underway with the Samurai charging forth to greet the orcs before they could reach a village.  I spent several activations concentrating my forces, which allowed them to close the gap rapidly.

The orc hordes advance as a brave group of Samurai charge forth to meet them.

The first engagement would be between a group of Samurai (men at arms) and some orc berserkers (furious foot). The orcs managed to win the contest only to be cut down by the deadly fire from massed teppo gunners ( crossbow). 
Orc Beserkers hunt the defenders through the village

The orcs managed some success against the Yari, but the arrival of the Hatamoto (elite foot) spelled their doom.  The last surviving warrior linked up with the Orc bowmen to beat a hasty retreat.


  1. Looks like fun, and good job at developing scenario design skills!

    1. It was fun, and I will pass it along to him.

  2. Wow - not sure how I missed this post earlier. Amazing game and GM to boot!


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