King of Battle III -Southern Artillery

The CSA Artillery Park continues to expand.  These Seven guns represent samples from all three GHQ CSA Artillery Packs.  I kept the uniforms somewhat mixed to provide the counterpoint to my uniform hordes of Federal artillery.

Medium Guns

Heavy Guns

Light Guns
 I also took the opportunity to paint the two CSA Limbers and Caisson packs I picked up.  As with the Federal packs, you get six horses and five riders per pack along with the limbered gun.  I am keeping the attachments separate so the caisson can act as an additional limber for most games.

No where near as robust as my Federal Artillery, but I suppose that is more realistic anyway.


  1. Nice work - they look very impressive en masse.

  2. They look great. I'm really enjoying your 10mm ACW troops, Jake!

    1. Thanks, I am finding this to be an excellent diversion


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