Union generals

Let's call it MG Buford for now....

I have completed all of my existing Union Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry, so it is time to get the commanders done.  I have both of GHQ's Union personality packs, but want to keep it a little generic as my focus tends to be more on the Western Theater than the East.  (My old collection focused ont he both the Army of the Tennessee (USA) and Army of Tennessee (CSA).  I am using 30mm rounds for DIV/CORPS commanders and 25mm for BDE/DIV commanders (depending on scale of game).  Also, I received some doubles from a trade

US Grant #2

Ambrose Burnside

Winfield Hancock
Other Hancock and Other Grant....

Family Photo

and in response to Peter: Yes I am doing Confederate troops as well

A.P. Hill-ish

Finally, I used some of my extra Command figs to cobble together a second command stand for my Zouave stands.  Giving me one unit of 6 and one of 5.


  1. Lovely job on these generals, they look great!

  2. Fine looking command stands!

    Just about done with Union forces. phase 1 then (Limbers/Caissons??? - not that I do many of them, but I have to say I like them better in the smaller scales than the larger ones) ), and good to see that you haven't really forgotten about a start on the CSA forces, too! :-)

    1. Limbers and Caissons are awaiting basing as we speak.


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