King of Battle Part II

Another four guns to add to the mix.

Not too much to add for this one.  Thanks to the 6 crew per gun and 6-9 barrel per set packaging I now have 28 spare crewmen and 70+ barrels of various sizes.  I have tried to do a variety of barrels across the 14 guns so far, but I find that they all blend together at a distance.  (Except the bronze Napoleons)


  1. I think you need to build a couples of 10 mm Ironclads/cotton clads (etc) to use up some of the extra bits. Or a fortress. Or...

    1. Or my own casting rig to melt these down and get more minis out of them... I have found one use already. I replaced the barrels from some Crackerline models with the GHQ barrels. They look a little more precision cast.


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