Ghulam heavy cavalry

Here is the mounted Saladin and his wingmen from the Eureka miniatures set I picked up last year.  I opted to go with individual bases for these rather than the group base for Impetus as I want to use them for Lion Rampant as well as splitting off the horse archers for their own unit.  These are wonderfully sculpted models with plenty of detail to pick out.  The represent a cross-section of troops available at the time, which gives a less than unified appearance.  (Another reason I chose to mount them individually.)  

I decided to embrace the diversity and paint them in fairly different schemes.  I like the opportunities for colorful display the Arab armies of the time permit, so I went with some fairly bright colors.  

The potential mix of spears and bows in a heavy cavalry unit make these guys fairly threatening in Lion Rampant, but more importantly I think they make a good looking unit.


  1. Wow, great job on these all around, Jake!

  2. Jake, that is some pretty fancy brushwork on the baggy pants and checkered barding.

    1. The checkered barding was made easier by the pattern being roughly sculpted into the model itself. I say roughly as the size of the squares is fairly inconsistent and the detail tended to fade away at the edges. Still an overall excellent model however.

  3. Great looking heavy cavalry!


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