Six months in, and what have I accomplished?

Well, we have hit the half year mark, so it is time to review my goals to see if I am still on track.  Overall, things are about on pace with where I thought I would be with 60% of my 'points' total complete.  Work, school and life have combined to affect a complex de-synchronization operation on my blogging, but that is to be expected.  It's not about the number of posts, its about reducing the massive backlog of models I have generated...

So getting back to my original goals for the year, lets see how we are doing:

1. Paint commanders!  

I have two stands for the Renaissance project and two more for the Reconquista project completed.  In addition, I have knocked out several individual models for my growing Skirmish collections.  Another reason for this goal was to force myself to slow down and do some better detail work rather than rushing through to just get basic units complete.  The current spate of Arab and Samurai infantry have benefited from this as I am finally getting a better handle on doing fabric patterns.  Currently I am working on some 28mm Ghulam heavy cavalry, so lets see if my sanity continues to hold.

All is not fine however, as I still have many, many 6mm Napoleonic generals and marshals to complete, with no progress to date.

2. Finish existing forces (main bodies)

28mm Renaissance.

 More forward momentum on this front.  Two more stands of heavy cavalry, a Swiss Pike Square and some light cavalry have all entered the mix.  I still have enough foundry figures in the pile to do a couple more handgun units as well as one more stand of heavy cavalry.  Also, having seen Oli's fantastic Jinete conversions,  I am sorely tempted to pick up some Perry plastic light cavalry to try out on my own.  Honestly, however, the temptation to expand the collection to include the end of the Reconquista in late 15th century is something I may need to resist at least a little longer.

6mm Napoleonics

Again, everything for the Saxons and the Poles is primered, I just need the right motivation to give them a go.  I thought maybe the 200th anniversary of the denouement would be the inspiration I needed, but my brain appears to function in direct contrivance to popular culture.

1/6000 Scale WWII Naval

Yes, they are still there.  Waiting, staring, accusing...

28mm Arab Infantry 

Woot!  Finally some forward progress, I am down to just a few unpainted infantry figures and then a couple units of cavalry.

28mm Samurai Skirmish (Enough for 2x6pt Saga Forces)

The big addition has been the terrain pieces.  I can now engage in Samurai skirmishes in small villages surrounded by Cherry blossoms.  Just like nature, or at least Kurosawa, intended.

3. Terrain
In addition to the Japanese buildings, I have managed to complete all of my unpainted linear obstacles and several stands of new trees. The big hurdle is to tackle the backlog of 6mm buildings I have had for years.

4. New Areas

The windfall of old GW sculpts provided me with the Impetus to finally update my old Bretonnia models (only a couple left to go.), as well as get an early start on this years Halloween scenarios.

My limitations on time this year have also helped me resist my usual habit of starting a new project and exploding the pile on unpainted lead.  My goal is to whittle down my 'partially painted' cabinet (prepare for a barrage of eclectica) and  sell off the stuff I really don't want/ or see myself painting in the next 3-5 years.  I managed a personal win by finally selling my unpainted 15mm Romans.  Next up are the 15mm British/French colonials and 25mm ECW.

I have also decided to part with my 15mm ACW collection.  It is one of the first things I got when I 'returned' to  historical miniature gaming in the mid 90's and is a hodge-podge of manufacturers and paint schemes.  As most of the models were not actually painted by me, I have no emotional connection to them, and they are just taking up space.  My plan is start selling them off over the next year and then direct the proceeds towards getting some 6mm or 10mm models and then painting a unified collection for myself.

Whatever happened to 'Adventures in 6mm'?

Looking at my roll-up for the last six months, it is hard not to notice that I have not posted a 6mm model in almost 8 months!  The reason seems to be two-fold:  1)  I have achieved most of my goals in 6mm.  2)  The boy likes playing with bigger models.

1) Seems unlikely I know for me, but I have managed to crank out 6mm armies for

Republican and Imperial Rome
Samurai (two eras)
War of the Roses (both sides)
My entire 1809 campaign (mostly)
WWII (all eras)
Arab-Israeli Wars (all eras)
WWIII (60's-90's)
Future (Battletech)
Fantasy Dwarves and Elves

Frankly until someone (baccus) starts doing Han Chinese or Landsknecht I think I will be able to resist branching out any time in the near future.  That said, I still have several unpainted models in the wings to finish off the above armies, so those 6mm hounds that visit this site from time to time will still get something to look at.


  1. Looks like a very successful season of campaigning to me!

    Every time you display either a Reconquista unit or Renaissance unit, I think, "Gee, I ought to start painting some of my own." I do have Italian Wars arquebusiers nearing completion.

    No new projects? We will see how long that lasts!

    1. No longer than November. That's when 28mm Chinese are supposed to arrive.

    2. Ha! I knew it could not last.
      Which manufacturer are you going with for figures?

    3. I pitched in on the Watchful I studios kickstarter. I have enough figs for two 300pt Impetus forces on order.


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