More Saracen leadership...

Lets be honest, the giant sun shade it far more utilitarian than a banner for desert warfare.

I am really enjoying painting the figures from Eureka's Saladin set.  There are some unique sculpts and they seem ideal for use on leader stands.  

Although separate leadership stands are not used for Impetus, I still like to use them on the table to denote the different commands, as a visual reminder of which units include the leaders, and for visual effect.   

Look its 'that guy' official leader model for all Black Tree Design Arab units...

For any who missed it, here is the Saladin sculpt with some retainers.
This puts me at four stands.  More than enough to field a moderate size force, or even a large force with Vanguard, main body and two wings.  Wait, should I consider a reserve?


  1. I like the command stands! Now, I have some serious catching up to do.Just how large has this collection become?

    1. 4 CMD
      1 CM Camel
      2 CM Spear
      2 CL Archers
      4 CL Javelin
      6 FP Spearmen
      2 T Archers
      1 T Crossbow

    2. Looks like I need some Skirmishers

    3. Sure add a few skirmishers, Otherwise, looks like a legitimate large BI army.

  2. I recognise some of those flags...glad they came in useful


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