1/6000 US Navy Destroyers

I realized while writing my 6 month update that I have yet to paint anything beyond 28mm this year!  Thus clearing the slips this time are a parcel of US Navy 1/6000 Scale destroyers.  These are from the Midway/Layte Gulf boxed set.  The decks are done in Weather deck blue in order to rapidly distinguish them from their Japanese counter-parts on the table.

 These are some more of the woefully backed up figures that have been awaiting completion for some time.

 I really this scale for the way fleet actions look on a large table.  Battleships and cruisers stand out very well, but the destroyers are far too small to really differentiate.  (They are cast as part of the base)  I spent a lot of time squinting next to the computer today, just trying to figure out which ship was which.

I am not sure when I will get back around to the US Navy, as this is reminding me of the 16 IJN Flattops still waiting for completion.  (The decks alone are fairly daunting.)


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