An Early start on Halloween 2015

Going through the miniatures I picked up last month, I picked out those I intend to hold on to over the long term.  I picked up a rather large number of old GW plastic undead for use with my annual Halloween game with the boy.  My Wargames Factory skeletons have been getting a lot of table time of late against a range of historical opponents including Samurai, Knights and Vikings.  I have been using some modified stats for Lion Rampant, and the boy seems to enjoy wiping out my shambling hordes wholesale.  With the fantasy version of the game "Dragon Rampant" scheduled for the fall, I am opting to build up this years Halloween force around their anticipated release.

Thus I now have five units to add to the mix including the Spearmen shown above and some more lightly armored swordsmen.

In both cases, I am using on of the older GW Skeleton warrior sculpts to denote a unit leader to rally around.  (Mostly for movement purposes in LR)

I also have some plastic cavalry, including a mass of lancers.  I managed to forget to base the other rider for the first unit, but they will soon be up to full strength.

I went with basic round shields for them, and used some 15mm viking decals to give them some detail and color.  I used darker backgrounds and dark wash to try to give them a more grimy, used look.

And what undead horde would be complete without the addition of some Zombies?  These are meant to be good, old-fashioned magical zombies.  None of those new-fangled infected walker things here!  These are touched up figures from my bulk find, where I kept the original shields.  I am going to need to replace them, however, as they don't fit the look I am going for.  I am hard pressed to believe your average megalomania-cal necromancer is going to take the time to have his shambling hordes establish themed shields...  For that matter, why are there musician figures? 

There were enough left over figures to start assembling some other leader figs/groups.  Including our potential antagonist:

And his vile lieutenants