a few more Ashigaru

I'm not gonna lie, its been a busy month.  I have managed to get some painting done, but I am still far behind where I wanted to be half way through the year.  

That said, I knocked out one more unit of Ashigaru spearmen for my Lion Rampant/Saga project.  The boy and I have managed a few games, and the need for more spearmen was definitely apparent.  

I was considering using these to start expanding my 4/8 size units to the 6/12 standard for Lion Rampant, but we seem to be doing just fine with this size.

So what else is on the table?

Just need the time....


  1. These 'Ashigaru' are loooking great, well done!

  2. Some interesting items in work on your painting desk. I like seeing figures for the Reconquista. I have not had any of those in the painting queue for so very long. I need to fix that!

    I know what you mean about twindling hobby time. My summer hobby activities have likewise been subdued with work and multiple vacations. I am Seattle this week, again, away from the gaming table.

    1. I am away from the table on TDY as well. Finally got some of these Arab figs completed after a long period of languishing as well. At this rate I may even get some 6mm figs painted next month

  3. Useful additions are the best kind! Plus you're getting some games in with your son. Nothing bad there. Once Historicon passes in mid July, I'm usually largely out of wargaming activities until September!

  4. Wonderful looking Ashigaru! An inspiration to me to get started on my WF Samurai.


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