28mm Mixed Ayyubid Infantry

It's been awhile since I touched the 28mm El Cid project, and I finally got around to finishing this conversion.  Last winter I took advantage of Wargames Factory's big sale and picked up some of their Persian Infantry figs for $0.25 each.  I had a large number of heads and other bits left over from the Gripping Beast Arab infantry boxed set, so I thought I would knock together a few warriors with a Kurdish flair.  I did these as a mixed stand with bows and spears.
I ordered some Arab shield transfers from LBM studios, so they should make this unit pop a little more when they arrive.

These figures mix well with my existing collection as you can see here.
This brings me up to six stands of warriors.  More than enough to hold the center of my line.  Now to start adding some interesting and characterful units to the collection.


  1. Nice job, they look dynamic and beautiful!

  2. We need to get our collections back onto the table for a game!
    My collection has been boxed for so long, I have forgotten what I have!
    Your recent work has me tempted to add a few units of my own.

  3. Excellent kit-bashing! They certainly look the part.


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