One of my goals for this year is to work on my terrain collection.  While looking for some appropriate terrain for the 28mm Samurai Skirmish project I stumbled upon this blog "Dressing the Lines"  His Ronin Skirmish board was just the look I was going after, so I used his suggestion and visited The Style Home on Ebay to get my Cherry Blossoms.  I opted to try out some of their other trees as well, and you can see the results here with these willows.

A rare outing for my old 20mm Paras.

The trees are simple wire armatures, so for basing I wrapped them in plumbers putty and affixed them to  steel washers.  Getting them to remain upright while the putty cures proved to be a challenge, but I managed to solve it with plastic cups and glass jars.  Simply find one the right size and place it over the top of the tree/stand and it will hold it in place until it cures.

Additional horse detail added based on Peter's suggestion

The Cherry trees were the main part of the order, as they fit with the cinematic feel I am going for with my Skirmish games.  Samurai warfare and cherry trees just seem to go together like Root beer and Nilla wafers.  (My favorite snack for watching Kurasawa films.)

Dueling monks added to enrage TMP poster who despises games with Samurai duels.
Not a bad deal overall.  I went with the five back of large trees and a 10 pack of the medium trees.  More than enough to liven up the game board.


  1. Cherry trees are perfect for setting the atmosphere (and I think the minor touch ups did help bring the Daimyo a bit more to life).

    1. Thanks. I will have to take some snapshots when we try a game using all the new Japanese terrain.


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