Rehabilitating the Past - A few more Knights of the realm

Well, now that I have added a bunch of other figs, I should probably get Rehabilitation 2.0 out of the way.  Here is the last of my Knights of the Realm units.  

Just like the last unit this one is a split of 3 plastic and 3 metal.
One extra Knight on the left

I have a few extra figs left over, so perhaps I will round out one more unit... or just allow for a wedge of 10.
..and a spare Champion on the left.

I also took the opportunity to upgrade this mounted sorceress.

She makes a nice addition to my group of outriders.

Who finally received a standard bearer to accompany their champion.

That gives me 1 unit of Knights Errant, 4 units of Knights of the Realm, and 2 of mounted archers/sergeants.  More than enough for some games of Lion Rampant.  Perhaps I can have enough skeletons done in time for the "Dragons Rampant" fantasy rules in time for Halloween.


  1. More fine additions and rehabs. Well worth the effort!

    1. Thanks. This is actually my favorite of the units I have rehabbed so far.

  2. Wonderful minis - that beautiful sourceress is quite intimidating! :)


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