Rehabilitating the Past 2.0 -Better Knights of the Realm!

Some more 21st century upgrades to add to the mix.  First up, this customized Battle Standard Bearer.  This happy fellow is a heavily modified Grail Knight local Sculptor Jason Wiebe  did for me back in the mid-90s.  Jason's does a lot of excellent minis for Reaper, and I snap up some of his sculpts from time to time when I see them in local stores.  (Someday I am going to finish that Owlbear...)  The attention to detail on this mini is great.  I like the little things like the Mail Coif pulled back from his head.  The horse in the one that GW did for their not-Joan-of-arc Repanse of Leonesse.

The next six figs are a mix of Metal and Plastic Knights of the Realm from the 4th edition re-release of the Bretonnian Army  (When they changed from medieval Bretons/French to High Middle Age Arthurian types)   I originally had two units of six minis each with a focus on Blues/Whites for one unit and Red/White for the other.  These guys are tricked out lance pennants and old school GW decals.  I have updated a few, but am finding it hard to separate many decals from their backing 20+ years later.
Their previous sad condition....

Unit Champion.  Still looking for the shied.

I wanted to add more decals to the horse, but the ones that match the shield will separate after a long soak in warm water.
Six Knights in Lance formation.  Note I have once again misplaced a shield.  All the worse that it is visible in the shot above! 

Three knights from the back row including two with embossed shields that made life easier.


  1. Very impressive, love the heraldy job!

  2. Some really nice figures in there!


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