More Lion Rampant

Some new additions to my Son's battle group for Lion Rampant.  I started adding to this collection as an upgrade to the 15mm figures I painted for him when he was five.  Our recent games of Lion Rampant inspired me to add some more to the group to give him a full force in his chosen colors.  
First up are three more foot knights, including a standard bearer.  This brings the total up to six figures to represent his elite personal cadre.

Seen here with his Avatar at center

Next up I have added a unit of Crossbowmen to lend some fire support.

Finally, I started to add some figures to do a unit of Sergeants.  Unfortunately I ran out of Fireforge plastics at this point, so they will have to wait until I get around to a resupply.

I have really been enjoying this new ruleset, and am considering trying out my old Bretonnian army again.


  1. Nothing better than a new rules set that fires up your enthusiasm for a period or an army! Good looking force for King Mason!

    1. Thanks, and yes having a regular opponent for a set period really helps to focus the painting!


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