Odds and ends from the table

Hopefully some better pictures of my two test figures from the Wargames Factory colonial militia set.  I haven't decided on the direction I want to take with these yet, but they certainly give options from The F&I war to the AWI and possibly frontier work in the War of 1812.

Most the figures in the pack are traditional overcoat and Tricorne garb, but there is a smattering of figures in hunting shirts that I really am enjoying.  Work on this project is probably go to be slow in developing....

One other figure I found in the spares bin, is this happy Grenadier(?) mini.  I think it is supposed to be an Aragorn type figure, but with a weapon swap may work well with my Dark Age Vikings.


  1. Nice work on these; I appreciate you posting pics of the WF Colonials. They do look good and certainly a bargain.

    1. Thanks. I need to do some of the more standard sculpts to figure out how I want to proceed with them.


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