More 28mm Samurai Goodness

I picked up a large parcel of the old AEG Clan Wars Samurai off of Bartertown awhile back.  Most of the figures are just repeats of the same 4 castings, but I decided to try my luck and doing a diversity of paint schemes with some of them.

I really like these castings as the they have nice deep cuts for the detail which makes it much easier to pick out the lacing on the Armor.  I am trying to do these in batches using different undercoats to see the effect.  (I have two in Red and two in Yellow on the desk now.)
I have about 12 of each of the two castings shown above.

 The come with 25mm Slotta bases, so rather than try to fit them to the wooden rounds I use with the others I am just leaving them as-is.

These guys represent the only one-off castings I received.
The majority of my duplicate casts are actual Samurai Archers, who have less application during this time period.  I may opt to try some kit bashing just to see what I can create with all the leftover pieces from the plastic kits.


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