Back to the Renaissance

 I found my battery charger!  Now back to the minis.  This time it is a couple more Landsknecht Handgunner stands.  I opted to go with a variety of colors for these guys to match up with my non-specific mercenary pike group.   I picked up a bottle of AP orange paint, so decided to try it out with this group.  Overall, good color that goes well with the group.
"T" stand for support to the square

"S" stand to run and hide within the square in games....
 I also decided to pick up some Perry Miniature's Stradiots to enhance my light cavalry contingents.  Part of the order were six "Western Stradiots" that come without horses.  I opted to get these as I had some leftover old WHFB Empire plastic horses, and I figured they would go well with Perry miniatures.  (I think they were the original sculpters for this generation of Empire figs.)

Truth is, they don't fit exactly, but it will work for now.  I painted these guys up in a darker red/off-white color scheme I am using for a mercenary company in service to Venice.  (I picked up one of the Perry mercenaries box to create a non-Landsnecht square for a little diversity.)  
The only issue so far, is that not a single list in the Impetus Italian wars collection uses mounted archers....


  1. Nice work on all of these. I like the variety of colors for the handgunners.

  2. Very nice work! Although the Gendarmes (and Elmeti, Lanze Spezati, etc) get most of the attention, the bulk of the cavalry in this era were light/medium types - mounted crossbows/arquebusiers, Stradiots, and Genitors (Jinetes).

    1. Thus the crux of the problem. The Gendarmes are the 'sexy unit' so there are planty of sources. The less glamorous light cavalry get short shrift, and thus limited castings.

  3. Great looking minis for this wonderful period!

  4. I like those Foundry handgunners. I have a bunch to do too.


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