1st Quarter Review

Some new ammo markers using the spare cannon balls from a Wargames Factory WSS cannon set.  

We are a quarter of the way into 2015, so I suppose it is time to look at where we are. BLUF: Not very far.

Overall, my painting time has declined and I have a lot of miniatures still sitting at the "done, except the basing stage" The result is that I am building towards another 1000 point month whenever I get around to actually finishing those bases.  That, and the charger for my camera has gone AWOL, resulting in the use of tablet, which really does not work that well.

I have also opted to put more time into getting some terrain pieces done.  The result, as seen here, are a lot of walls, boxes and fences.
My son has taken to setting up little vignettes like this and rolling dice to determine the outcome of the battle.  These six little goblins have more game time than the rest of my collection this year....  

So getting back to my original goals for the year:

1. Paint commanders!  

Only two stands for the Renaissance Project completed so far.  I am waiting to see what comes from Warlords purchase of Pro Gloria for a suitable Francis and Charles.

That only leaves... a lot of command stands to do.   sigh.

2. Finish existing forces (main bodies)

28mm Renaissance.

My Renaissance artillery has reached a stopping point with some possible scratchbuilt light guns in the distant future.  I have two stands of Perry Western Stradiot light cavalry ready to go, but still need appropriate figures for my Spanish Jinettes.  I have enough figures to add 1 more stand of Gendarmes and three of Men-at-arms from my Foundry collection, but am looking for some suitable figs to do a couple of stands of Swiss cavalry.  (One source shows them mounted with Halberds, which should make an interesting looking group.)  I also picked up the Perry plastics Mercenaries box along with a set of "Swiss Heads" to do a pike block for some non-landsknecht looking fellows.

6mm Napoleonics

Everything for the Saxons and the Poles is primered, I just need the right motivation to give them a go.  Perhaps once the 28mm Samurai have run their course...

1/6000 Scale WWII Naval

US Destroyers are done, need to do the decking on the BB's and Cruisers.  Then the daunting task of Carriers....

28mm Arab Infantry 

With Gripping Beast releasing some nice looking castings for the Reconquista period, chances are this project is going to start growing again.  I have another unit of Spear ready to go, just need to get them based....

28mm Samurai Skirmish (Enough for 2x6pt Saga Forces)

Another project which keeps growing.  I just finished painting a unit of mounted Takeda Samurai and a collection of foot Samurai from the old Clan Wars range.  The use of bold colors and variety of paint schemes makes this a very entertaining collection.  My sudden affinity for Lions Rampant also means that that I am growing the Scale of this project somewhat.  Big surprise I know.

3. Terrain
A collection of Armorcast Resin walls.  In a variety of colors from grey to slightly darker grey.
Most of my effort so far is on finishing all of the old Armorcast Resin Walls and Fences I have had languishing since the 90's.
The goblins have also taken a liking to defending these Ex Illis fences.
Lastly I have several Japanese buildings to do in 28mm that should be finished by the end of the weekend.

4. New Areas

I picked up a pack of Colonial Militia from Wargames Factory during their Black Friday sale, and painted up a couple of test figures.

Seen here firing from the Shadows....
The goal at the time was to do a F&I War Skirmish group, but the Samurai project has superseded it since then.

For next year the project will most likely be 28mm Warring States Chinese.  I jumped in on the Kickstarter and as this one already hit its pledge goal should actually go through.  That said, the lack of any "Freebie" stretch goals.  (They all cost additional money if unlocked) promises to keep this campaign from exploding into rampant success.  I have always been interested in the time period and figure I will get enough figures for a small 300-500pt Impetus force or Lion Rampant.


  1. Lots of stuff going on to keep you busy. 1,000 point painting month? Incredible!

    Warring Chinese States? Who else besides your Kickstarter makes these figures? Renegade?

  2. Again, it will look like a 1000 point month only because of the back-log in painted, but unbased minis I have managed to develop, I currently have about 100+ 28mm figs that really need to get a nicely flocked home before i consider them "in the book."

    The Renegade is the only other one I have found for this particular period. Curtey's does some for the 12C. CE the Ancient Chinese are an army I have always wanted to do, and this KS is the best way to get started. Ideally I would love to do them in 6mm,as the size of their battles dwarfed those of the Roman and Greeks of the time period.

  3. You have quite a list of projects for the rest of the year. Hope you find that charger ;)

    1. Thanks. Hopefully it will turn up in the Spring Cleansing.

  4. Seems to me like your performance has been very respectable! Terraim is always good!

    1. It is always a secondary consideration, when it can really make our break your game's appearance.


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