It's almost April, and I am nearly complete with my Secret Santa minis!  I was more than lucky with the array of minis sent by my confidential benefactor this year, and I have been remiss in not getting these done sooner.  In addition to the Perry Sohei and BTD Normans I also got a set of three Black Tree Miniatures Ronin and three unarmored Samurai.

The Ronin w/Naginata set is excellent with crisp/deep cuts for the detail and dynamic poses.  Attaching weapons was a little wonky, but that is mostly due to fat fingers and old CyA.

The first casting (see above) looks like a well equipped grizzled old veteran.  The other two have a wonderful, ragged look that plays up the ill equipped and "down-and-out-ed-ness" of these masterless warriors.

I tried to get a little more fancy with the lacing on the armor, and that is a piece I continue to struggle with for these larger Samurai models.  They look much better in real life, as my current replacement digital camera is just not up to snuff.


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