Uesegi Teppo

Slowl, but surely this project is getting there.  This time another unit of Missile troops from the Wargames Factory Ashigaru boxed set.  I chose to to these guys in the same scheme as my Uesegi Yari foot unit, to provide some much needed fire support.

I like these models overall.  The boxed set comes with enough muskets and bows to do 2 units of one and one of the other.  I am nearing completion on the Takeda handgunners, and will probably use the extra bows with a few spare figs from my other Yari boxed set as well as some bow and musket armed Samurai.
I like the plastics for the Missile troops, but am finding the spearmen and especially the Samurai a little too fragile for Skirmish play


  1. Great looking teppo troops. The only WF figures I have are from the Numidian light troops set. Those seem quite sturdy - in fact, they've been used as skirmishers and handled quite a bit.

    1. I have found the WF Katana and Naganata to be a little too thin to survive gentle handling from a 9-year old.


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