Less than a month remains....

Tom over at "Tom's Toy Soldiers" just posted an insightful editorial about how many of us approach blogging and the hobby in general with goals and deadlines.    I admit to being  guilty of this myself; beating myself up over missed deadlines and multiple scales.

That said, it does allow me to focus on why I blog:
1.  To provide the motivation to reduce the lead mountain I have built for myself.
2.  To maintain a record for myself of all the things I paint.
3.  To share with other like-minded individuals.

So on to the post.  Less than a month remains in 2014 and I had some goals that I wanted to meet.  First and foremost I met my 6k point total in November, so I can rest assured that I made a dent in the pile for sure.  Rather than beat myself over all of my goals I want to focus on what I want to finish in the short term.

For the goals that remain unfinished, here is what I hope to tackle this month.

28mm Crusaders - I have two more stands of mounted crossbow I want to finish for the year, and they are ready for basing

28mm Landsknecht - I have one more stand of mounted crossbow ready to paint, and I want to get at least two more stands of artillery done by years end.

6mm Duchy of Warsaw - Reinforcements arrived from Baccus last week.  I need to complete 4 stand of Infantry and the Saxon division.

15mm Ikko Ikki - 4 stands down, 2 to go.  Maybe.....

28mm Ayyubid/Saracens - All cavalry complete, two more stands of Spear to go.

28mm Samurai Skirmishers - I took advantage of the deep discount Wargames Factory offered on these for their Black Friday sale.  I want to get enough done for 2 4pt Saga scale forces for when my Nephew's visit at the end of the month.

It seems so much more reasonable when I write it out like this...


  1. Your production and quality continues to be impressive - I wouldn't sweat anything else :)! Happy Holidays and enjoy!

  2. Still scratching my head about how you painted 6,000 points worth of figures, thus far. Simply amazing output.

    Given that historical record, you likely may surpass even these goals.

    1. For starters 624 28mm figs including 97 cavalry accounts for about 4k.... The 28mm really pumps up the score. The big project for next year will be in doing some better storage for all of the 15mm collections those behemoths displaced. To think it all started with a small order of BTD Normans to play Saga, then someone said to me "I have a proposition for you." ;-p

    2. Wow! 600+ 28s? That really does add up. Hey, sorry about that...

  3. Great productivity this year with a but more to come. My production has been low since Historicon - trying to meet all the various requirements of the government and others by the end of this year is making me crazy, and chewing up far too much time and money!

    1. That's why I have to remind myself to relax with my hobby. The outside world is constantly trying to steal my time and resources...


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