A return to Teugn Hausen (Thann)

View of the Heights as 4th Division arrives
 Ian over at The Blog With No Name, was more than kind to send me a draft of the 6mm Napoleonics rules he has been working on.  (The Smell of Powder)  I was excited to see them as my 1809 project is nearing completion and I still have not found the right set of rules for it.  A quick read through had me intrigued so I decided to give them a try with a solo game of the action at Teugn Hausen on my small battle board.

Ian's rules use 60mm square bases, but I decided to keep my figures on the 60x30 bases due to the small size of the board.  The rules themselves use a mix of written orders and an Impetus like activation system.  Each turn, the sides take turns rolling to move battlegroups.  The difference from Impetus is that once one side has moved all of its command, the other side only moves onemore command (or none for the austrians) and the turn is over.  This means that the one side may move everything while the other side moves one for the turn.

Firing is done with a D6 and a chart resulting in losses to cohesion and/or morale.  I really don't want to get into a rules review as the rules are still under construction and they are Ian's to discuss not mine.

The initial deployment.
On to the battle.  Each side had three divisions, with 1 stand representing 1 regiment/brigade.

Order of Battle

French III Corps (Davout)  5/2+  (+2 Initiative)
III Corps Artillery
8lb Battery
12lb Battery

2nd Division (Friant) 3/+1
33rd Ligne
108/111th Ligne
48th Ligne
Div Arty

3rd Division (Gudin) 3/+1
7th Legere
21st legere
25th Ligne
85th Ligne
Div Arty

4th Division (St. Hillaire) 3/+1
3rd Ligne
57th Ligne (Veteran)
10th Legere (Veteran)
72nd Ligne
105th Ligne
Div Arty

 For the French would begin with Davout's 4th Division approaching through the Town of Teugn from the North in the first turn, with Gudin arriving on the road from the South on Turn 2 and Friant from the north on turn 3.  One scenario I found allows Gudin to arrive on the Austrian side of the ridge, but I decided to keep it all on one board edge for the first run through.

The Austrians

III Korps  Hohenzollern  3/+1 (+0 to initiative)

Korps Artillery
8lb Battery
12lb Battery

Advance Vukassavich 2/-
1st Erz Karl Legion
Grenz Reget Peterwardeiner
Erz. Ferdinand Hussars
Horse Arty

Division Lusignan
IR7 Schroder
IR 56 Collerado
Div Arty

Division Saint Jullian
IR 12 Manfredini
IR 23 Wurzberg
IR 20 Kaunitz
IR 38 Wurttemburg
Div Arty

I reserveKorps;  Charles (5/+2)
Grenadier BDE #1
Gren BDE # 2
Gren BDE #3

The Advance deployed in a blocking position overlooking Teugen.  With Lusignan and the Korps commander to the south in the valley across from Heugen.  Saint Julian approaching up the road from Thann and Charles w/ the reserve are parked in the South East.

For orders, Vukaasavich would hold his blocking position while Lusignan move to this Left to support.  Both were to buy time for St. Julien to move North and Deploy on the heights overlooking Hausen.  Charles would be kept in Reserve until The Austrian player succeeded in an activation roll following Friant deploying onto the board.

For the French, Davout would be with 4th Division (Main Effort) for an assault towards Haugen along the road.  Gudin (Supporting Effort) would advance along the western edge in support, while Friant would have a follow and assume mission behind 4th Division.

Turn 1 -French Advance towards the Austrian Blocking position

Turn 2 Both sides trade fire and the supporting divisions move into position.

Turn 3 - 4th Division gets stuck in for close combat with mixed results.

Two Austrian Regiments are forced back, one is broken.

Turn 4 - The Austrina Advance division is broken.

Turn 5 - Lusignan falls back after St Julien gets in position. 

Turn 6 - Advancing French elements are smashed by Austrian artillery, Charles starts his move.
At this point I rolled a '6' for the thunderstorms that occurred later in the day bringing the battle to a close.  next up, some notes and thoughts.


  1. Your game board really looks great! I prefer your 60x30 infantry stands too.
    With such as small battle, it might be fun to try out a number of different rules and see how they work. I have one or two in mind...

    1. I am always interested. I have used this board for several different rule sets and Genre's now.

  2. That board looks excellent.

    Feel free to comment on the rules as I am happy with as much feedback as you can give.

    Working with 60x30 is also fine, we just wanted the freedom of the 60x60 for different formations.


    1. I was waiting to provide full feedback until I have a better chance to exercise them. As noted below, I did not use nearly enough cavalry....

  3. The big view does a nice job of pointing out the strengths of the 6mm mass effect, and I agree, the terrain board looks great. Teugen Hausen has lots of replay value. Perhaps not the greatest rules testing scenario due to the very limited numbers and role of the Cavalry in this action, but that wouldn't be hard to change up[ a bit.

    1. Testing in this case was more about me getting my head around the rules, but I agree. My 6mm Saxons just hit the painting table, so I will be giving my Polish Army a workout shortly.


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