28mm Barricades

Another blast from the past project.  I found these in an old terrain box.  I believe they are part of a defensive works set from Armorcast from around 96-97.  The includes two 6 inch Wooden Barricades, and two four inch stake stands

There are also the stake bundles pictured above and I found another 20 stakes, so I am fairly certain that I missing some more resin bases.

I went looking for these over on Armorcast's site, but I guess they are long out of print.  It is a pity as they are very nicely made.  I also found a box of stone wall sections (seen in the game inthe previous post.)  I need to finish the painting on those as well.  I am afraid many of the minis will be looking somewhat 'shiny' for the next few months as the temp has taken a dive, and I am hesitant to try the dull cote.


  1. I like them! Old Glory sells earthworks with (permanent) stakes not too dissimilar from these.


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