Duchy of Warsaw Infantry

The main force is now complete.  Eight stands of Infantry as the center of my Polish Force.  I've settled for a few easy visual techniques to help for rapid recognition.  Essentially I am shooting for four stands per division, all with the same facing colors.  Two stands get white pants, the other two blue.  Two stands get Skirmishers....

1st Division w/ Yellow Facings

2nd Division

3rd Division

I have one more pack en route from Baccus (along with some ersatz Saxons)  to flesh out the last two divisions.  Next up the elites...


  1. Looking good, got to love the Poles


  2. I like your system for rapid ID of the units, and the Divisional facings are pretty close to the system used early on in the GDW uniforms, too!

    1. That's what I was going for, I saw one source that had Red facings for the 1st Division and another that had Yellow. I opted to stick with Red/Red, Red/Yellow and White/White for regiments. Although I will probably do one of the next four in white coats and light blue facing.


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