Born to be Baden

 As a follow up to my last post here are Baden's Lieb-Garde Grenadiers these are actually more of Baccus' updated French Grenadier sculpt, but they work.  These are every clean castings, although i have identified one chronic flaw in the mold:  The left most model on each infantry strip has a very weak ankle connection.  They tend to wiggle like a loose tooth if you apply more than gentle pressure with a brush.  Has anyone else seen this issue?

Well, I will really need to replace these pictures, as I ended up with too much shadow on the faces.  For this regiment I went ahead and tried Army Painter's strong tone shade from the dropper bottle rather than an acrylic varnish.  The ink compares well to  GW's old "Devlan Mud", but I really do not like the way it muddies the colors.  The dip varnishes seem to do a better job of keeping the colors from fading too much, although this stuff is much easier on brushes and my lungs.


  1. Another good addition; a bit hard to see the uniforms, alllowing for being 6mm of course, so maybe a go at another picture would be worthwhile?

    1. I've been out of town for awhile. I will try to take some better shots.

  2. Looking good. I have none of these figs so I cannot comment on the stability, but I'd like to add a small thing:the difference between lieb and leib.



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