Fusilier-Chasseurs of the Guard

Another regiment complete, this time the Fusilier-Chasseurs of the Middle Guard.  I tried something different with the basing this time, keeping most of the sprues together to make gluing easier.  The result is far too open for my tastes and will probably need to be rebased in the future.  I really don't like basing with Adler figs as I find I need to use CyA glue to keep the individual figures from tipping over rather than the Elmer's I use for the Baccus strips.

A note to those discussing the preponderance of Guard units on the blogosphere of late.  While I recognize many are painting up for the 200th Anniversary of the 100 days.  I am still trying to finish my 1809 campaign collection.  The guard just happens to be the group I have the greatest "painter's block" over for the last half decade.

Next up, I am tackling the Old Guard.  I am hoping to get those regiments done tomorrow, then on to the artillery stands, and ending with the Cavalry.  After that, I need to finally finish my Austrian landswehr and Italian elites!


  1. No mistaking THAT unit, even in 6mm! The basing looks fine to me, but to each their own. When I re-did my French Napoleonic army with "modern": fugures starting in the laste 1990's, I didn't touch any of the Guard units until I had painted up virtually all of the Line Infantry and cavalry.


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