Reiters on the storm...

Some mounted Handgunners to add to the Renaissance project.  These are Redoubt figures mounted on some of the Essex (?) horses I have left over from my unused ECW figs.  I wasn't paying attention to the particulars when I ordered these, so I got a bunch of riders, but failed to purchase horses from them.  (Note to those ordering from Redoubt:  If the prices for cavalry seem overly reasonable, horses are probably not included.)

I have enough figures for four stands of painted up, I just need to find/finish all of the mounts.
The Redoubt figs are fairly simple castings I would describe as "15mm cast in 25mm."  I also dragooned some of my ECW cavalry to represent one stand of Spanish handgunners to equip that contingent

The horses are fairly small for the riders, but that helps underscore their light cavalry status.  Four more horses and I will finally have my segue into the Renaissance complete.


  1. Nice work on the Reiters, I really like this kind of cavalry...

  2. Redoubt figures are on the large side, and do have relatively simple lines, but they still look good. Thety make some figures that are hard to find elswehere (or used to be until the past 2-3 years). Regardless, they look fine on the tabkletop, as these guys show.

    Good post title! Of course, technically these troops are Mounted Arquebusiers, or "Carabins"; "Reiters", although it literally just means cavalrymen, is usually used to refer to the later Pistoliers, who, at least originally, practiced the Caracole.

    1. Yes, I realize they are not technically Reiters, but I couldn't come up with a pithy title that incorporated "Mounted Arquebusiers"

  3. Very cool looking Renn. figures. Morions have a look about them that I like. Best, Dean


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