A late addition to my Saga Viking force were these Crusader Miniatures Berserkers.  These are outstanding castings, with plenty of definition and animation, but with detail that is readily accessible to the brush.  My only complaint was this guy:

Good looking figure, but not what I would consider a "Berserker"

These guys on the other hand

Look more like the "Glass Cannons" envisioned by the Saga rules.  This also concludes my available stock of Dark Age figs, so it will put the break on these for awhile.


  1. I refer to my mate's berserkers as "glass sledgehammers" too. Unfortunately I always seem to be on the "sledgehammer" end.

  2. Splendid work with those Berserkers!

  3. Great looking warriors; the well-groomed, stripey pants guy does look rather dashing :)! Best, Dean

  4. Stripey (clearly the oficer) to his men "You lot all just strip off and then go hack the enemy to pieces, whilst I polish my armor and cheer you on. Right, lads?!"

  5. Thanks all. I prefer to think the officer is just staring blankly thinking "Thank Odin they at least kept their pants on this time..."


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