Having painted the plastic Viking sets, I wanted to get a few metal figures to fill out the ranks, as it were.  I took advantage of one of Black Tree Designs's 35% off sales to see some of their Viking sculpts.  First up I have a unit of Berserker's in wolf pelts.   The sculpts are a little rough for these, and overall not exactly what I wanted for my berserker unit.  I ordered some of the Crusader miniatures Berserkers to see if they are a better fit.

On the other end of the spectrum I have some viking levy archers.  These are nicely sculpted and painted up quickly.  They look the part of more lightely armored skirmishers.


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    1. Thanks I am quite happy with the sculpts and how the paint scheme worked out.

  2. Nice range of Dark Age fellows - well painted and based too, of course.


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