More Fatamid Cavalry

After 28 days of 28mm I thought it fitting to actually post some new 6mm figs.  Here are two more units of Fatamid Light Cavalry.  This brings me up to 18 stands overall with six more left to finish.  This leaves only the Heavy Cavalry from my current stack.  I am 2 weeks behind schedule completing this army, so I may need to re-evaluate my goals with only two months down into the year.  Ah well, at least I completed a lot of Landsknecht I didn't know I wanted to paint....


  1. Looking good, but you know you *really* want to paint more 28's.... :-)

  2. Fantastic looking troops - all the more so at 6mm!?! Someday I may try some just to see if I can even paint them. Best, Dean


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