last of the Landsknecht pike... for now

Finally!  O.k.  That makes three six units of 3-element deep Landsknecht pike for Impetus!  I can now feel comfortable in at least having my core forces done and based.  This is another mercenary group done to match the smaller stand I posted last month:

The banners are from a WHFB "Ostland" set I found on-line at match up with a unit of Halberdiers I painted long ago.  It is now down to the supporting elements before I can field a proper force for Impetus.  By my reckon, I need to do 2-3 stands of Mounted Handgunners, a stand of Halberdiers, a stand of Sword and buckler men and 2 more Gendarmes stands.  That said, I think I can proxy those with my old WFB Empire army, so it may be time to take them out for a test spin with the boy! 


  1. Lookin' great!

    "Hut, Dich - Hier komm Ich!"

  2. You are ripping on these. You probably have enough to field forces for both sides. Say, where do you get your inspiration for clothing color schemes? Flags look great as do the pikemen.


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