Even more Fatamid Cavalry

 All of my light Cavalry is now complete!  With a grand total of 24 stands of Fatamid Light Cavalry, I think I have enough for my needs.  Work on my heavy cavalry continues, but I must find a way to get through all these 28mm distractions!


  1. They look great - hard to believe they're 6mm?! Dean

  2. Don't know if it's the pics, the painting, or the figures themselves, but these guys are a lot easier to "see' than usual, it seems to me.

    Re: 28mm distractions - you just haven't realized yet that they are becoming the main course rather than the appetizer! :-)

    1. I'm hoping that after all of these posts I am getting better a photographing 6mm, but it is probably just a trick of the light.


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