Warriors of Islam Part Va - Bedouin Cavalry

My first Arab cavalry to add to the mix, and the 28mm compatriots to the 6mm Bedouins from yesterday.  These are Berber light cavalry from Gripping beast.  Jon has already done a better job painting and reviewing these, so I have little to add.  I actually painted the horses in November, it has just taken me longer to get around to completing the riders.  I have two more units to finish basing, and this will have exhausted my supply of Spears from Caliver Books.  Fortunately I have more en route, but there was a certain satisfaction when I glued the last one in my cache to the last Berber.

I tried to keep the Shields and colors simple on these, to provide a counter point to both my more colorful infantry and the heavy cavalry I plan to add down the road.


  1. Nice work - love the turbans. I see you are on a Middle Eastern roll right now. Dean

  2. Nice! I especially like the brown robe with yellow pattern.

    I have never been lucky enough to exhaust the components at the same time.


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