Swiss-ish pike.

Yet another stand of Pikemen.  This time they are painted in the White-Red paint scheme of Reikland.  The goal is to have them double as swiss Pike as well as fit in with my existing Reikland regiments (Reiksguard, Reiksguard Foot, Crossbow, Archers) that I already have in my old Empire army.  As with the previous Regiments there will be a large 12cm square base of advancing Pike to go with these guys as well as a swap-able banner for something more historically palatable.

As you can see 28 days of 28mm continues although there are some 6mm figs still lurking on the painting table.  Not yet!  but soon....


  1. Very nice addition - striking colors. Best, Dean

  2. They're perhaps a touch flamboyant in dress for Swiss, but so what? They'll work fine as Swiss or Landsknechts with just flag swaps.

  3. Hmm, you sure those pike boys shouldn't be *swishy* instead of Swiss-ish? Their costume certainly suggests it, codpieces and all, LOL!

  4. I know nothing of the the period but the pikemen sure are high fashion! You tempt me!

    1. Good, because I will have enough figures to play Francis I vs Charles V shortly and I shall need an opponent!


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