Rehabilitating the Past -Reiksguard Knights

Another blast from the past.  This time it is the Reiksguard Knights c. 1995.  This was one of my workhorse units from my WHFB days, and they were really showing the wear and tear of ages.  It feels good to get them out of a dusty storage box and rejuvenate their colors (colours..)

The command group includes a Reiksguard Captain, including a crude attempt at a Maltese cross.  (It was 20 years ago.) , and a trumpter

The standard bearer is a foot knight conversion and has the original flag I cut out of White Dwarf magazine 127 (I am not sure what became of his sword blade.)

Three of the knights are actually plastics from an old Milton Bradley game (Battle Masters) that used citadel sculpts

I do think they weakly fit in, but fortunately I have located three unpainted Reiksguard knights I can add to the unit.  This will give a unit of up to 15 knights, or I can field them as three stands of Gendarmes for Impetus.

Well the Rehabilitation project is nearly complete.  All that is left is a unit of Knights Panther, and the various Empire personalities I can locate.  The fallout of this project, however, is that I am now working on a Charles V Impetus force using these figs and a healthy addition of many. many Landsknechts.


  1. Beautiful, seems to be heavy, heavy guys!

  2. Although I own no GW figures at all, it is great ones like these that got them established; too bad they have strayed so far off the track over time... at least from our perspective!

  3. All very nice - that foot knight conversion looks great too. Dean

  4. You're a hero bringing these once proud warriors back into fighting shape. I love the older empire models and even have some of the Milton Bradley minis in my Empire forces. The crossbowmen and archers were not very good though.


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