Rehabilitating the Past - More Bretonnian Archers

Just because the Empire rehabilitation is nearly complete, does not mean that I am anywhere near done.  I have a mid-size Bretonnian army with a mass of knights glaring at me as they await their turn.   Before getting to them, however, I am finishing off the last of the Infantry Units.  So here are two more units using the Bretonnian plastic archers from the 4th edition box set.  These two units are the last of archers in my old WHFB box, and were meant to round out the arrow storm I could generate to cover my charging knights


  1. You have a never-ending supply of these figures.

  2. Excellent looking archers - I can see them being useful in many armies. Best, Dean

  3. They look very good! May be coat of "magic wash" to bring out the details a bit? Of obvious use as HYW English, archers of Charles the Bold, etc as well.

    "Dartfrog's Adventures in (2)6mm" :-)

    1. They already received a generous dose of Magic Wash, so I have gotten all of the details available apparently.. I prefer adventures in 4.67*6mm


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